Business Description

Our Strengths

Large-size products can be manufactured and stored

Our factory’s stockyard is large enough to accommodate the manufacturing and storing of large-size products. Overhead cranes and other equipment allow for smooth storage and transportation.

From designing to finishing

We have the equipment and technology to complete everything in-house, from designing to sheet metal processing, welding, pre-coating, powder coating, assembling, and finishing.

Thorough quality control

We provide highly reliable products through strict quality control.

Quality policy

To earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers, 
we give the highest priority to quality.

  1. We strive to continuously improve quality, cost, and delivery time.
  2. We comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  3. Each employee has a rewarding and challenging experience. We aim to continuously improve the work environment.

October 23, 2018
Tatumi Electric Co., Ltd.
President Takehiko Sano

Environmentally-friendly products

Environmental policy

Tatumi Electric Co., Ltd. will promote sustainable environmental improvement through our business activities in the manufacturing of soundproofing devices and boards, based on the following environmental policies.

  1. All employees will work together to protect the environment and reduce pollution.
  2. We will comply with environmentally-related laws, regulations, ordinances, and other requirements.

Production flow

Tatumi Electric Co., Ltd. has the facilities and technologies to complete all processes in-house: designing, sheet metal processing, welding, powder coating, assembling, testing, and shipping.

We also manufacture large-size products using overhead cranes.


We create drawings for the approval of customers and design 2D/3D in-house according to the customer’s requirements. For switchboards and control panels, we also offer electrical design services. For soundproofing boxes, we propose and design the soundproofing performance, etc based on the noise data provided by the customer. We also develop our own products. In addition, we create data for sheet metal processing based on 2D/3D CAD data.


We specialize in large sheet metal processing. W1500 mm x L4000 mm (2000 kgs / packages) can be processed by a punch/fiber laser combination machine with an automatic loading/unloading device. The bending machine can bend products up to L4000 mm with a maximum pressure of 350 tons. Each bending machine is equipped with a tracking device, allowing for the bending of large, heavy products by a small number of people.

Welding Process

Welding is mainly performed using CO2 (semi-automatic) welding. Argon welding and spot welding are also possible.

Powder Coating

In the pre-coating process, alkaline degreasing ⇒ rinsing with water ⇒ Zinc phosphate coating (Parker treatment) is performed in 6 tanks(W1500 mm x D3000 mm x H3000 mm). Two coating booths and drying furnaces are equipped for powder coating. The maximum powder coating size is L5000 mm x H2000 mm. Size and coating specifications are available through consultation.


For switchboards and control boards, we can handle all processes from low voltage to extra high voltage, including housing assembly, electrical wiring, and testing. For the soundproofing boxes, we have experience assembling dimensions up to H5000 mm x W6000 mm x L13000 mm using an overhead crane with a lift of 8000mm. Soundproofing panels cover a wide variety of types, from small-lot production to mass production.


All large products are shipped from the factory with the help of overhead cranes.